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Grant and Lynn Patton and family, owners and operators of Bentley Cycle and Trading Post, would like to announce the sale of their store, as of January 13, 2017 after 22 years of operation.

The entire Patton family would like to express to our customers, friends and staff a heart-felt thank you for your patronage and faithfulness to our business and family these past 22 years. We have received many compliments and kind encouraging words from numerous customers, which has made all the difference for us as we have labored to provide you with your cycling needs.

We in particular want to thank so many of our customers who were incredibly supportive through the Lyme years during 2007-2009. My wife often shared with me the stories of customer’s tears, hugs, cards, prayers, and even financial support with many kind words of encouragement that helped our entire family through a most difficult time. Our Lord Jesus Christ has brought across our path so many precious folks who have been a great blessing throughout the years.

Last but certainly not least, we want to thank our children for their patience and labours of love through the Bentley Cycle years. Without their willingness to work at the store alongside their parents, Bentley Cycle would not have been the same. Tammy-Jo, Jana-Lee, Matthew, Tirzah and Samuel learned well the skills in running a business and bicycle shop and we are eternally grateful for their kindness and support through all the ups and downs of family life, sickness and a very full life owning a family business.

Thank you our precious children. Your faithfulness to your parents has not gone unnoticed!


Without further ado . . . we would like to introduce to you the new owners of Bentley Cycle Inc.:


Ryan and Abby Farley from just outside of Lacombe, customers of ours, have come to us with much excitement and enthusiasm and are looking forward to getting to know our customers who have been so faithful through the years. Ryan is taking his bicycle mechanic courses to become a certified bicycle mechanic. We are looking forward to the exciting plans that Ryan and Abby have for the future of Bentley Cycle. They both are enthusiastic about learning from Grant and our youngest son Samuel, who, as you know, have a wealth of knowledge in the bicycle world.

We have been hoping someone would come along who had the same vision for Bentley Cycle as we have had. We know they will continue specializing in sales and Service focusing on your cycling and health needs.

We believe Ryan and Abby are a gifted young couple and look forward to working alongside them as the 2017 cycling season opens up.

Thank you again for all the support. It has been an honour and a privilege to serve you these many years.


Grant and Lynn Patton and Family  



 Watch for our GRAND OPENING - Spring 2017

Thank you for your understanding,

Ryan & Abby Farley